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BTC Events

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Transportation Seminar

 LIVE with Coach Sheldon! Includes (materials will be emailed to you): You will receive the FULL “blue print” to starting your own company, real box truck and cargo van income, example of a carrier packet, sample MC letter, sample BOL (bill of Lading), see the BEST load boards (we actually log on and allow you to view the largest load), and much more! We also invite our commercial insurance guru (Christina Battle) to join the class! It’s informative, educational, and FUN!

Box Truck Coaching

CALL 833.269.8785 to sign up for Coaching!

Coaching Services Include: (Ask us about our payment plans)

Guide you through each step (one on one support with Sheldon)
Access to our VIP coaching calls (M-TH)
Access to our online portal!!
Invited to our monthly VIP on-site training here in Atlanta
Lead you to “affordable” insurance companies
Teach you how to complete a “Carrier packet”

BEST load board for YOUR vehicle!!

SHOW YOU how to calculate your fuel!!!

One on One w/ Sheldon
Instruct on HOW TO BID ON LOADS!!!

Brokers (min 30)
Ensure that you are signed up with money making BROKERS! (min of 3)
Assist in signing you up with Amazon (box truck)
Includes obtaining Authority!

Access to virtual coaching calls (Mon – Thur)

Advice on the BEST vehicle to purchase – the ones to STAY AWAY


Advise on purchasing equipment!!
Train on how to load freight in vehicle

Special Offer

Stay Tuned for the SkyBox